Welcome to Xing Yi Academy!

My name is Paul Andrews and this website has been a long time coming. We’ve been working really hard to create something special and it will only get better as it grows and we learn more about the technology and have more resources. The main thing though is that we weren’t prepared to compromise on quality, so when we originally thought we might have something ready for New Year 2015 and we were slightly disappointed to find we didn’t have everything we wanted to go live, but we didn’t want to put something up which wasn’t ready so we delayed and worked on things. Now we’ve got around to creating something which we think is acceptable, still not perfect but something we can begin to build upon.

So what is Xing Yi Academy all about ? The ultimate vision is to have a global community of people who want to practice and find out more about Xing Yi Quan, the martial, spiritual and health aspects, who want to share and collaborate. We think we can provide some focus for that.  Also the values we have, we want to spread those throughout the Xing Yi world, focus on quality (in training, in presenting the arts, in ourselves), value (give more than people might expect, go the extra mile), reality and honesty (say it like it is, no hiding behind vague concepts) and hard work.

All of the above will come together from this place on the internet and through our members. We will provide regular information, blogs, emails, graphics, videos, ebooks, publications, courses, seminars and opportunities to train in lots of different ways.

This isn’t just a site which provides martial arts courses or classes online, we’ll provide a whole package so that you’re part of the Academy, a member not just a customer.

Sign up to become a Member for free and we’ll keep you informed of much of what we do. Once we have the membership stuff sorted out you’ll be able to subscribe to become an Associate Member and you’ll be able to progress through the Xing Yi Academy training syllabus and have access to exclusive material and discounts on products and events.

The online training will be unlike anything you’ve seen before too, it will roll out in lessons on a regular basis so that you have a progression. But once you’ve done a lesson you can access it again and again and check back for new content and updates. We’ll give you high quality HD video, photographs, text, diagrams, animations, and whatever else we might be able to create to get the teaching across.  Plus we’ll keep updating the material in each lesson as we get chance to add more to it and answer questions from members. Everything thing will simply continue to grow and subscribing members will be able to go back and access everything.

Plus we’re not scared to get real!  Xing Yi Academy will be the home to “Real Xing Yi” where we will show you how the traditional methods can be used in application, in combinations, in free fighting and sportive contexts, and in self defence.

We want to raise the bar higher than anything anyone else is currently doing, both martially but also in terms of how the material is presented and shared. If we are putting it out there, then there are no excuses any more for mediocre Xing Yi, we’re going to set the standard and hope that people will rise to meet it.