2015 has been great, we’ve achieved a lot and we’re hoping to keep going into 2016 with a renewed focus and enthusiasm. Joe and I still have our day jobs which means that working on Xing Yi Academy inevitably happens when we can make time or find some spare time, we hope this will improve as we move and we’ll become more consistent!

Things we’re aiming to achieve in 2016:

  • Online learning of Xing Yi Academy’s characteristic style of Xing Yi Quan
  • Online courses on specific themes
  • Regular workshops and seminars in the UK
  • Publish our first book on 5 elements Xing Yi
  • Publish a book on the 10 important theses of Xing Yi
  • Document our continuing investment in ourselves and our art – Attending workshop with Tim Cartmell, learning more Qi Gong with Joe Lok, visiting Beijing to train and seek out talented martial artists, hopefully we can arrange a seminar with Scott Rodell too
  • Continue to upload regular, engaging and high quality videos.

And to continue in our investment in ourselves and Xing Yi Academy we’ve recently purchased new equipment. A camera slider and video head to give some ultra-smooth and ultra cool panning shots for our videos, and just today I’ve recieved a Hanwei Scott Rodell Cutting Jian which we’ll use for filming and demonstrations as well as in workshops and training!

I intend to update the blog more this year and finally get to grips with the mailing list, so if you’re signed up to the list and haven’t received anything yet don’t worry, its just because I’m not sure how to use Awebber right now but once I’ve figured it out you’ll start receiving regular emails.

Right now I’m on a bit of a Tai (Flycatcher) training trip, so if the English weather clears up a little – it’s been raining for weeks but looks to clear up this week (but might snow!) – we’ll be out filming some Tai Xing movements and applications.  I’m also planning on a video to demonstrate something we call “Shun Jin” (順 勁) – following force or same direction force – Shun Jin is a method of using the momentum of a previous strike or movement to immediately follow up with a second strike/movement.  Look out for these soon!