Some of you might have seen this from Sifu Neil Ripski going around. This appears to be him teaching a movement from Xin Yi Lui He Quan. Some people refer to XYLH as an “older” form of Xing Yi, in fact both come from the same source so are the same age, however it could be said that Xing Yi has evolved in a different way to show a certain expression, whereas XYLH has evolved in another way. They still maintain similarities and core principles.

In this light there is an interesting bit of the video around 1.14 (click the link it will start at this point). Where Neil explains that he’s twisting in two directions.

This is a main part of what we call “Dragon Body”. Whilst I don’t always use the chinese terms such as Dantien (I rather say talk about the waist, upper and lower), the premise is the same. The upper twists counter to the lower and when they unwind force is released.

His explanation about being predatory and going right through the opponent is very similar to our strategy also!

Check it out.