We recently posted a new youtube video with 2 very simple foundational exercises to begin developing the Xing Yi body.

This Xing Yi body we refer to means two things, one is that when practising Xing Yi and the foundational exercises you begin to condition the body externally and internally. The twisting, stepping, bowing, compressing and releasing stretches and releases muscles, tendons and fascia tissue.  The deeper tissues in the body are conditioned gently (and sometimes not so gently) and the body slowly becomes more robust, more contained and more balanced.

Additionally, the body begins to take on the movement characteristic to our style of Xing Yi, some people call this “Shen Fa” or body method. T

There are many small movements and exercises which were shown to me by various people, from my Xing Yi teacher to other martial arts teachers and teachers of Qi Gong. Also there are many exercises which I have created for myself from isolating specific movements I have identified within the 5 elements or 12 animals Xing Yi or through my experimentation with Yan Yi.

We hope to present more short videos like this showing body isolation movements which can help to develop Xing Yi skills.