From only $36 US (c. £26 GBP) per month you can join 3 weekly live classes in Yan Yi (Martial Movement and Energetics), Practical Xing Yi Quan (Emptyhand techniques), and Xing Yi Spear; as well as access to hours and hours of live recordings and other resources. With Full Membership you also access the Foundations of Xing Yi Course, and Premium Membership gets you access to all our courses and content while you remain subscribed! Click the button below to find out about the options and to sign up.


Xing Yi Academy also offer dedicated online courses. These can be bought outright as individual courses to keep forever or as part of our subscriptions (Full and Premium Memberships give access to some or all of our online courses). We also collaborate with other teachers of Martial Arts, Movement Arts and Esoteric Arts to bring the best content and education that we can find in these fields and present them under the banner of Three Islands Media

We run classes locally in the North of England (UK) – CURRENTLY ONLINE CLASSES AND COURSES ONLY DUE TO THE COVID 19 LOCKDOWN


All Classes conducted in traditional Chinese informal style, outdoors, small grounds, lot sof personal contact. Please wear weather approriate clothing, we train in all weather.

Xing Yi and Internal Arts Coaching – with Paul Andrews – Private lessons, workshops and seminars on all aspects of Xing Yi Quan and Chinese weapons by arrangement. Will travel to undertake seminars and workshops. Online coaching available (

Monday Evening 5pm – 7pm: Xing Yi Quan Class – Beaumont Park, Huddersfield with Paul Andrews (and regular additional instructors). All aspects of Xing Yi Quan, Five Elements, Animals, Sparring, Weapons.

Tuesday Evening 6.30pm – 8.30pm: Chinese Swordfighting and Xing Yi Quan – Middleton Park, Leeds with Paul Andrews. Chinese Sword with Xing Yi and Yang Style Tai Chi methods. Xing Yi Quan and internal arts training.

Saturday Morning 9.30am – 12.30am: Yan Yi and Xing Yi – Beckett Park, Headingley, Leeds with Paul Andrews: a mix of Xing Yi Quan, Internal Martial Arts and Chinese Weapon training.


Scott M Rodell Laoshi: Chinese Swordfighting     

Places limited – Details to be confirmed                                                                           

Xing Yi Academy regularly host Scott M Rodell in the UK. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic details for the next event are not yet known but we hope to have Rodell Laoshi back again as soon as possible.

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