We run classes locally in the North of England


Xing Yi and Internal Arts Coaching – with Paul Andrews – Private lessons, workshops and seminars on all aspects of Xing Yi Quan by arrangement (contact paul@xingyiacademy.com)

Tuesday Evening 6.30pm – 8.30pm: Chinese Swordfighting and Xing Yi Quan – Middleton Park, Leeds with Paul Andrews.

Thursday Evening 7pm – 9pm: Xing Yi Quan Class – Beaumont Park, Huddersfield with Paul Andrews. All aspects of Xing Yi Quan.

Saturday Morning Class 9.30am – 11.30am: Xing Yi and Weapons – Beckett Park, Leeds with Paul Andrews: a mix of Xing Yi Quan, Internal Martial Arts and Chinese Weapon training.


Laoshi Scott Rodell: Chinese Sword Seminar: Friday 14th -Sunday 16th September 2018 

Venue and price to be confirmed – Leeds West Yorkshire

Friday – Sunday Historical Chinese Swordfighting:

A whole weekend training Chinese sword methods, for all styles and abilities.

Laoshi Scott Rodell (Great River Taoist Centre – USA) has over 30 years experience of training and teaching Yang Family Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi), Tai Ji Sword, trading in antique Chinese weapons, researching Chinese arms and armour. He has published a number of books and translations on Historical Chinese sword training.

In this weekend seminar you will learn simple and practical Chinese sword methods that can be applied in partner drills and free sparring.

Email: paul@xingyiacademy.com for more information or use the form below

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