UK Chinese Sword Seminar Nov 2022


Sign up now for the November 2022 Chinese Swordfighting  seminar with Scott Rodell

Brudenell Primary School, Welton Place, Leeds, LS6 1EW

Friday 18th November 6pm – 8pm  :  Saturday 19th November 9am – 5pm  :  Sunday 20th November 9am – 5pm

Over 18s Only

Friday Evening – Introduction and overview for the weekend.  Some basic Chinese sword methods, cuts, footwork and exercises.

Saturday and Sunday – Jianfa: Chinese straight sword, focus will be on partner work for competition.  Those wanting to be less competitive will have options for lighter partner work and exercises.

All ages and abilities welcome, spare wooden jian (swords) will be made available for those without.

If you have available please bring with you: solid wooden jian (and dao/sabre), protective gloves (HEMA/Lacrosse), Fencing/HEMA mask, other protective equipment e.g. jacket, arm protection, gorget/neck protection, leg protection.

Training and exercises in Chinese Jian (straight sword) from the traditional Yang Family Tai Chi both the Michuan (Inside teachings) and the public systems.  There will be a focus on basic cutting and thrusting techniques, body mechanics and correct form. Following from this there will be practice of applications with partners, fixed step (in place) and with footwork.  There will also be some controlled free swordplay and there may be chance for some to choose to try some more competitive swordplay with additional protective gear.

Scott Rodell is a teacher with over 30 years of experience from teachers such as TT Liang, William CC Chen, and Wang Yen-Nien. He teaches seminars all over the world and is returning to the UK to focus on sword skills for competition fighting.

If you are interested in attending please chose an option from the paypal link below to pay in full (either 1 day or full weekend).

Weekend cost: £150 paypal

Single Day Cost: £80

If you need more information please contact Paul Andrews –


Pay in 3 Monthly installments of £55 using GoCardless secure direct debit