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Hebei Xing Yi Quan

Learn authentic Hebei Style Xing Yi Quan from an instructor with over 15 years experience. Paul Andrews has studied Xing Yi intensively for over a decade actively seeking to test his art through cross training and competition.

Guo Yun Shen Style

Xing Yi Academy prides itself on teaching a fusion of traditional orthodox and family styles of Xing Yi Quan all of which are connected and passed down to us from the famous Master Guo Yun Shen.

5 Elements, 12 Animals

We teach a complete system with numerous 5 element methods, extended 12 animals sequences rarely seen elsewhere, and a large variety of weapons which is unique and unrivalled in its depth and understanding.

Creative Focus

We emphasise a creative approach to our practice and content. We provide entertaining as well as informative content at the highest quality. We aim to make our user experience simple, friendly and enjoyable.

Structured Progression System

Our courses are designed to give you just the right amount of information to really develop your ability and retain your understanding. Each weekly lesson will contain HD video, photographs, text and exercises to complete before the next lesson.

Continually Evolving

We believe in respecting tradition but challenging the status quo. Our video’s and information will be continually updated, if we’ve missed something we’ll add it and tell you about it and we will always listen to your questions and feedback.

Community Support

We believe in supporting you and providing a platform to help each other progress. Members receive exclusive access to support forums, regular online Q&A sessions with access to Paul, other instructors, and connect with Xing Yi enthusiasts around the world.

Money Back Guarantee

Xing Yi Academy is confident that you will find something of value from our high quality content, so much so that if you are not satisfied and choose not to continue within the first 30 days we will refund your money without hesitation.

“As to just how “full contact” this Full Contact tournament was, that question was answered by the very first pool match when a Dutch contestant, Henk Jensen met British player, Paul Andrews. After a minute of furious play, Andrews landed a downward cut to Jensen’s head, stunning and knocking him down.”


From The Official European Jian Fa Tournament

Our Values

At the heart of everything we do we believe in authenticity and openness, we believe in making our members and students great at whatever they do and are committed to their personal development, we believe in thinking differently, we believe in respecting tradition but challenging ourselves.

The way we achieve authenticity is to dedicate ourselves to our craft and our members, we tailor our creative outputs to the needs of our members and students, we create high quality and beautifully edited videos, photography and text to provide the clearest instruction possible whilst remaining engaging and simple to follow.

All of this we do using the framework of the ancient Chinese martial art of Xing Yi Quan

Learn A Traditional Art Rooted Directly In The Principles Of Nature

Free Videos

Our YouTube channel is packed full of awesome video’s all designed to cover various aspects of Xing Yi Quan. Go check it out!

Exclusive Content

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“Paul's Xing Yi is the most authentic I have found, his depth and breadth of knowledge of Xing Yi as a martial art is vast and extends to the spiritual side of Xing Yi and it's connection to the natural world”

– Gurm Baccus

“For many years I studied under the same teachers as Paul Andrews, and within the same association. Paul Andrews took it much further than me, showing immense dedication, diligence, determination and flair, and becoming an exceptional instructor.”

– Dr Paul Bowman, Cardiff University UK: Academic research of martial arts and cultural studies, author of “Martial Arts Studies”, practitioner of Taijiquan, Choy Lee Fut and Escrima

“I've studied internal martial arts since 1996 in Australia, Hong Kong, China and the UK, and have only rarely met people with Paul's thorough understanding of internal principles, mechanics and application, both in empty hand techniques and with weapons.”

– David Leffman, UK: Taijiquan, Baguaquan, Xingyiquan

“Should you chose to study this art I would without hesitation recommend Paul to you as a teacher.”

– Alex Sellars, UK: Xing Yi Instructor, Kickboxing, Kempo




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